Budget Kitchens

Cheap kitchens makes us imagine something that’s going to fall apart after a few weeks of use so we prefer not to describe our kitchens as cheap.

The good news is, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great looking kitchen on a budget. Many of our customers have already realised that a brand new kitchen can be found for a great price right here.

Don’t take our word for it though, we’ll tell you where many of our customers have looked before they buy a kitchen from us.

Used Kitchens

The obvious choice for anything 2nd hand in Ireland is adverts.ie or donedeal.ie, there’s usually quite a selection of old kitchens to choose from but there are a few obvious downsides.

  • It’s difficult to remove an old kitchen without breaking any parts of it.
  • It’s unlikely you’re going to find a layout that matches perfectly with your kitchen.
  • The style of the kitchen may be a few years out of date.
  • It will most likely still look like a used kitchen when you’ve finished installing it.

Ex-Display Kitchens

There are 2 types of ex-display kitchens, each has it’s own unique characteristics:

Genuine Ex-Display Kitchens

Can occasionally be found in kitchen showrooms around the country. You might find a genuine bargain but like a used kitchen you may be stuck with whatever size/layout is in the showroom. If you do find en ex display kitchen you like, ask the kitchen company about additional cabinets.

Fake Ex-Display Kitchens

Sounds nuts doesn’t it, why would a kitchen company pretend to be selling ex-display kitchens? It’s simple, to get you into the showroom.

You will either find the ex-display kitchen you were looking for has just been sold, or you’ll be shown a kitchen with an apparently large discount where the reality is the price was doubled just before it was offered at an ex display price.

Still Looking for a Cheap Kitchen?

We hope this has been helpful. When you’ve had a look at some of the other options come back and take a look at some of our budget friendly kitchens.

When you’re ready to take the next step, get a free estimate for you new kitchen from the comfort of your sofa using our easy online kitchen price estimator. If you’ve already received a quote from Cash and Carry Kitchens, Woodies Kitchens, Ikea Kitchens, Kitchen World, or any other kitchen company.

Budget Kitchens – The Real Secret Savings

ok, if you’ve read this far I’m going to let you in on another secret and a sneak preview. In the next few weeks we will be soft-launching our latest project, we call it 1Kitchen. The idea is pretty simple:

Each month we will offer 1 kitchen, in 1 style and 1 colour choice available for 1 month only.

You’re probably wondering why….

Economies of scale. That means even greater savings on your new kitchen.

To get your invitation to the online launch of 1kitchen, send us your details now. We’ll keep you posted….