High Gloss Doors

Gloss kitchen cabinet doors have been the way to modernise your kitchen for many years and they appear to be as popular as ever for anyone who is improving their kitchen. The gloss look offers your kitchen a contemporary feel, but with a practical and easy to care for finish that will last for many years.

Gloss is a finish that is highly reflective and is incredibly easy to look after, A gloss door can be simply wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a dry cloth to maintain the shine. The choice of colour will really shine through in gloss and the mirror-like qualities will make a dark room seem light and a small room feel larger.

Gloss kitchen doors can be used alongside matt options to give your kitchen zones or you can decide to mix and match colours to really show off the potential of your kitchen. Gloss looks great on almost any door style, but is especially stylish when used on a plain fronted or slab door as the reflective qualities really shine through.

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