Shaker Doors

The look of wood in a kitchen is highly popular, especially when you are looking for a traditional feel. Perfect for country style or French style kitchens, wood grain can give the impression that they have been handmade, even though these are much cheaper options. When you add the right handles, you can make a shaker door instantly modern or give it the ultimate classic feel.

For adding warmth to your kitchen, there really is nothing better than a soft wood grain look. Often the knots and grain of the wood show through, bringing the outdoors inside and making your kitchen truly feel like the heart of the home. You will love how your kitchen can be transformed by the addition of a wood grain finish door.

Wood grain is easy to look after and as this is a special finish, these doors do not need the usual oiling of traditional handmade wood doors. All they need is a regular clean with a damp cloth – although the grain does ensure that marks don’t’ show too readily.

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