How To Measure Your Kitchen Doors

Replacing kitchen doors rather than installing brand new cupboards from scratch is a great way to overhaul your kitchen without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning your kitchen makeover in the future and you’re hoping to order standard size or made-to-measure cabinet doors, here’s a guide from the team at Doors2go to help you provide the correct dimensions.

All you need to do is accurately measure your existing cupboard doors, submit your order, and your new kitchen doors will be with you in a a few days.

Sounds simple, right?

It is.

Door measuring tips…

  • Measure in millimetres, not centimetres. You need to be as precise and accurate as possible to ensure the best possible fit when your doors arrive.
  • Measure the doors, not the cabinets! Doors are usually slightly smaller than the cabinets they fit.
  • Make a note of every cupboard door you’ll be replacing and measure each and every one of them. Don’t assume that because two doors look similar, they’ll be the same size – it’s not always the case.
  • Open up each cupboard door in your kitchen before you start measuring. When you’ve measured a door, close it. It’s harder to miss a cupboard with the door open.
  • The more accurate your measurements, the easier it will be to fit your new doors.

1) Measuring your doors

Always measure the back of the door, rather than the front. This is because the front side of the door usually has some kind of pattern or bevel which can skew the measurements slightly. Accuracy is key, so be sure to measure the side that’s completely flat.

Start with the height first, then measure the width.

It helps if you have a spreadsheet or a birds-eye view sketch of your kitchen, so you can write in the measurements as you go without getting confused.

2) Note the door hanging

Note which way your existing kitchen doors hang, from the left, the right, or the top.

3) Measure the existing hinge holes

TIP: Although kitchen doors come in standard sizes, hinge hole positions might not. Hinge positions can vary between door styles, manufacturers and even between base and wall units so measure every hinge hole.

Measuring Left and Right Hanging Doors:

To measure the top hinge hole, measure down from the top of the door to the centre of the top hinge hole.

To measure the bottom, measure up from the bottom of the door to the centre of the bottom hinge hole.


Some double-height cabinets have doors with more than two hinge holes. In this case, you’d group them together – for example, if a cabinet had four hinge holes, you’d measure the top two from the top, and the bottom two from the bottom (please call us for 4 hinge holes). If your door has 3 hinge holes, measure the centre hole from the top of the door.

Measuring Top Hanging Doors:

To measure the left hinge hole, measure from the left edge of the door to the centre of the left hinge hole.

To measure the right hinge hole, measure from the right side of the door to the centre of the right hinge hole.

Final checks…

Before you submit your order, it’s worth double-checking you have everything correct. Make sure all of your measurements are accurate to the millimetre, and ensure you’ve individually measured each and every cupboard door, rather than skipping over some because you believe them to be the same.

Once you’ve placed your order, you can sit back and relax knowing your flawless cupboard doors will be delivered within a matter of days!