I Can’t Find my Exact Door Sizes

Check to see if there’s a very close match before you think about made-to-measure doors.

You may find that by adding or subtracting a millimetre to your door measurements.


your door measurement is 715mm x 595mm

these very slightly wider doors would also fit

715mm x 596mm
715mm x 597mm

Please check the gaps around your existing doors to make sure that the alternative sizes would still fit before you place your order.

Can I Order a Single Door?

Yes you can.  You are welcome to order as few (or as many) doors as you need.

Normal delivery charges will apply to orders that do not qualify for free shipping including those collected from our showroom.

Can I Order Custom Size Doors

Made to measure doors are available in many of our door ranges.

Drop us an email with your door sizes and we’ll reply back with a custom quote for you.  Custom doors are priced at the next standard door size up plus either 10% or 20% or 30% depending on your choice of style/finish.